Little ones can get sick quickly due to their learning and maturing immune system. Their innate vitality also means they will generally recover very quickly, especially when given the right support and treatment.  Natural medicines can be used not only to deal with the symptoms of acute conditions, but also as a preventative measure to support your child’s immune system and assist with building strong, robust health.


A child’s health can have an impact on their long-term health.  Therefore, addressing any illness as quickly as possible encourages healthy body responses and prevents chronic conditions from occurring.


It is important that children get all the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and development from a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Children and infants have special health requirements and nutritional needs during their growing years, which differ from adults. Their maturing digestive and nervous systems, brain and immune function require specific nutrients for optimal development.


Children’s health conditions are not only a problem for a child’s growth and development but can also cause a significant amount of stress for parents. The aim of naturopathic care is to find and address the cause of the problem and provide individual and long-term treatment for your child or family. 


Changing a child’s diet and lifestyle can at times be difficult, however through making gradual changes, significant results can be achieved. Katherine understands the challenges of compliance with children. She has a common sense approach and aims to reach a solution that works for each individual. By strengthening and supporting your child’s immune system naturally, with a nutritious diet and natural medicines, the cycle of ill health can be broken so your child can flourish.


Studies show that low levels of omega 3, zinc and magnesium are associated with ADHD.

Babies and children's health